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Here at EcotasticEarth we are trying to remove as much plastic as we can out of our daily lives, however we all know that there are some things that just are not made of anything else. There is one thing though that people don't usually think about, their toothbrush. If you are like most people, your toothbrush (whether a manual or mechanical) is probably made of plastic.

Plastic toothbrushes are sold around the world in the order of 3.5 billion each year and most of those will end up in either a landfill or the ocean. Plastic toothbrushes can take over 400 years to degrade no matter where they are discarded. If you follow the directions on most toothbrush packaging, you should replace your toothbrush every 3 months and most of us do. This means that there are potentially over 1 billion plastic toothbrushes sold in the United States alone each year. 

At this point you are probably saying to yourself "Wow, I had no idea! What can I do as one person or as a family?" Well, the solution or step in the right direction might be easier than you think! You see, there is a great alternative that is eco-friendly and comes from a sustainable source right here on Earth. The Bamboo Toothbrush. You see, Bamboo grows at an astonishing rate, some varieties up to 91 cm (35 in) a day. Bamboo is used in many products but has been used in toothbrush making for years. Basically bamboo is formed into a toothbrush shape, bristles are added as usual and voila, there you have it, your very own eco-friendly(ier) toothbrush.

When it comes to making a difference, we all have to start somewhere. Beginning with a toothbrush seems simple enough. Remember, there is nothing perfect so when your toothbrush is ready to be composted or thrown out remember to remove the bristles as stated in the directions. 

There you have it, how to start with just a toothbrush. Thank you for stopping by and feel free to share this blog with anyone you like or even folks you don't. Everyone needs to pitch in to make a difference!



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