Aegean Turkish Towel

Aegean Turkish Towel


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Our Aegean Turkish Towel is a traditional design with a pop of color. Red stripes on a white background make a great change to the traditional black and white stripes found in Hammams all over Turkey. With superior absorbency and fast drying, this towel is a must have anytime you are near water. Whether used in a bathroom, boat, pool, or beach this towel is sure to be the perfect essential.

Description: Also known as "Sand-Free" towels, our Organic Turkish cotton towels are made from 100% organic cotton that is grown in the Aegean Region and Southeast Anatolia regions of Turkey. The Aegean region is considered the leader in organic cotton production. Turkish cotton is woven without chemicals or harsh dyes. The cotton fibers are spun extra long and thin, which results in fewer seams and a smoother feel than regular cotton. All of our towels are hand-made in Turkey. Organic Turkish cotton towels are soft and breathable, super absorbent and quick drying, and suitable for use in all seasons. People use these towels in the bathroom, poolside, at the beach, in campers, and in boats among other places. The "Sand-Free" description comes from the tight weave of the towels that repels sand, when given a couple good shakes the towel will be virtually "sand-free". They can also be used as a decor staple to upgrade your home's aesthetic.

Basics: All Organic Turkish Cotton is very absorbent, fast drying, and will get softer with every wash. All items are hand-made in Turkey from 100% Organic Turkish Cotton.

Weave Style: Jacquard - A luxurious weave that enables beautiful designs by controlling each individual thread during the looming process allowing the use of many colors in each piece. A lot of times (but not all) these towels are opposite colors on each side. Using this weave takes a significantly longer amount of time over the traditional flat weave.

Size: 70" x 38" (178cm x 97cm)

Care Instructions: Organic Turkish cotton can be washed either by hand or in a washing machine. Wash your Turkish cotton in cold water, do not use fabric softener or bleach. Hang to dry or dry on low heat, do not use dryer sheets. You can use dryer balls to assist with drying times and static cling. We also have 100% natural wool dryer balls in sets of 6.  * Wash before first use.


**Due to computer and mobile screen differences and color please allow for some variation in colors once you receive your towel. 

***Due to this item being hand-made there may be slight imperfections in the weave from time to time. Please know that these do not change the value nor the quality of the towel.

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